Just be there

One day you’re there and the next you might not be. Or someone you love might not be. Or someone you really should have made an effort to get in touch with might not be.

There will be no more chances to talk.

My family lost a close relative this week, suddenly with no warning; gone.  And it really hurts, and will for some time.

It’s been a bad year on that front. But this is not a sympathy post, just a wish that you will move stuff up your ‘people’ to do list. Don’t put off seeing people, don’t get tetchy with family this xmas, appreciate people for who they are.

Find reasons why you should.

Do it.

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About Phil Jewitt

Comms guy and meaning maker, living in that place between personal and professional. Home is Leeds, Yorkshire. I work in communications for Leeds City Council, the 2nd largest council - with a lot to talk about and a lot to listen to. http://philjewitt.wordpress.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/phil-jewitt/19/853/6b7 http://twitter.com/philjewitt
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4 Responses to Just be there

  1. dtbarron says:

    Best wishes to you and your family at what will be a difficult time.

  2. Phil Jewitt says:

    Me and my family would like to thank everyone who has tweeted, liked, DMd or sent best wishes over the last week. Much appreciated. It’s Christmas Eve, we’ve just returned back to Leeds from Durham after the funeral of my sister in law. She was just 42. She passed away in her sleep last week. No previous illness and no cause of death identified. It will be one of life’s mysteries. We will miss her.

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