“We need people to take different choices. We need people to state different views. We need people to go a different way. Some will work. Some won’t. Let’s judge the outcomes when there are outcomes to judge, not by the pack called sentiment. Our ecosystem of innovation in ways of organising will be richer for the diversity.”

The above is taken from a thought provoking post by @simongterry titled The pack called sentiment. Take a read and pop back.

Simon talks about how sentiments in a networked world can change quickly and how in our reinforcing bubbles of information, we can see shared views increase rapidly and reverse direction quickly on the slimmest pieces of information.

This got me thinking, following national and local elections, about various things I’m working on involving change and the pressing need to do things differently. Specifically about how concerns expressed about perceived threats to what we might have previously been part of are rightly or wrongly interpreted.

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Pleasing all the people


If I compare this working week to football, which has been a theme, then there’s been a win and a loss. Three points for the win and zip for the loss. Both worth noting and sharing for good reasons and I suppose metaphorically speaking, better than two draws.

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A #trulysocial50 occasion


Sometimes you think ‘I’m just going to do this and to hell with it’. Then, after you’ve told people and realise what you just set yourself up for and the butterflies kick in, you think to yourself ‘you said you wouldn’t do this again’.

That’s the feeling I’ve had since in January when I decided I wasn’t going to let the occasion of my 50th birthday pass without doing something fitting. Something that recognised and included the people I know that have shaped the 50 something version of me.

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Half way there

Not long now then til I hit 50. Time for that not a mid-life crisis but questioning my purpose more than any other time before, and thinking about what might come next” moment.

Looking after my wellbeing, will be important. I’ve coped with stress quite well so far and recognise the signs when I’m up against it but before things get silly. I’m also increasingly aware to look out for it in others as society seems more in your face and demanding than it used to be,.That seems to be the case for all ages.

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Bubble baggage

“I just said ‘bubble baggage’ out loud didn’t I?”

“Yes, but it made sense. Can I have it?”

“Feel free –that’s what I do”

That happened in a meeting this week. Fortunately, in the context of the discussion, it was clearly understood as it appropriately explained things. However, the link that probably brought you to this post and the title, may mean you are still none the wiser, so let me explain.

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Somewhere between the loos and the valley of desolation, good things happen


Were you aware that other than Shrove Tuesday and of course Pancake day, apparently 17th February, 2015 was Random acts of kindness day?  Nope? Me neither. It seems everyday these days is something or other day.

So when did this #world[insertthing]day start and might we be missing the point? Will I look for fewer impromptu opportunities to be kind on other days? Course I won’t.

Now I’m not talking about the proper stuff like Pancake Day or Yorkshire Day (1st Aug! – just in case) or days on the UN List of International Observances and I get that there are some things that need increased awareness so they might be improved or bad stuff reduced but kindness; really? Do we need reminding to be how we should be on any other day?

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The personal touch

IMG_20130826_181316As usual, the seasonal break has been a time of contemplation and self reflection. I’ve been considering what’s happening and changing in my area of work, around where I live and at home as myself, colleagues, family and friends prepare to move on to the next chapters of our lives.

It’s made me consider and appreciate what I have. I’ve also read far more than I usually do and I’ll share some of that shortly.

The family was reunited as firstborn returned from Russia before heading off on his travels again in February. Russia is a communication culture we’ve recently learnt about by experience. It’s not as easy to access folk in Russia in some ways but compared to how things were when I was studying away from home it’s a lot easier. We did however Skype him every week and perhaps spoke more often than when he was at university in the UK. It was good to actually see him talking with us. It certainly narrowed the distance but it’s been really nice to have him home.

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