imageSome really long days at work finishing off a project to replace a website have been the reason for not posting on here recently so I wanted to explain why I’ve been a bit of a socmed recluse lately and also reflect on good times.

It left little time for the usual social media interaction, which I have missed. It however took my mind off what I expected would be our last family holiday together and was a bit nervous about to be honest. I have two sons and the eldest will hopefully be off to university in September; the first steps in leaving the nest.


But, these last two weeks spent in Austria have given me time to reflect and in a way confirmed that we are good together and will be wherever we each are in the big scheme of things. Firstborn is obviously ready to fledge and learn by doing things he needs to do by himself. He went off to Liechtenstein on his own yesterday to meet up with people he met at the world scout jamboree in Sweden last year. The rest of us went walking on a route that unexpectedly involved a dangerous traverse over a snowfield with a long drop. It pretty much scared us all and made us realise that no matter how old or wise we think we are, there is still potential to muck stuff up. So whilst we started the day worrying about firstborn, we didn’t need to.

I didn’t think I would be as comfortable when the time came for him to move on but it feels okay. This holiday has also been the first time all of us have really laughed and enjoyed ourselves since a family bereavement in February. And that’s progress too.

It’s good to know there will be more holidays together as we all still want that. And as a parent, that’s a great way to end a family holiday. So the European strudel tour turned out to be the best family holiday we have had. Funny how expectations work out sometimes.

Normal socmed service resumed next week.

Happy days.