Going to the pub in work time is not suggested as good practice in my organisation’s social media guidance which is fair enough.

The Shoulder of Mutton, as it once was, is now @inkwellArts. Inkwell is a project about developing creative skills, whatever an individual’s background or ability, as an integral part of the journey towards recovery from mental health issues. There is no beer cellar or drinks, other than coffee and tea etc.

The event I attended, blogged about here by @victoriabetton, was both a social media surgery and a wider awareness session, for NHS, voluntary and private sector people. It was a toe in the water to see what would happen and who would come to the party. It was also for those with lived experience of mental health difficulties, and occupational therapists, psychologists, service managers, volunteers, nurses and psychiatrists.

So let’s recap, me; a council worker, in a pub during work hours having gate crashed someone else’s event. Probably not recommended in my work code of conduct either.

So, let’s get to the price of fish. Did it matter that I was there? To those who the event was trying to help; absolutely not, because people were gaining advice and support about use of social media and I hope I was able to contribute, irrespective of which organisation I was representing. And then yes, it mattered because my organisation, also supports those with mental health difficulties.

And that is the point of this post.

There is perhaps a perceived boundary between organisations when it comes to certain service provision that spans the organisations….and that is what integrated health and social care is trying to reduce. For the service user, there really shouldn’t be a boundary, it should be seamless.

Victoria summarised the event perfectly. For me, it was great to hear about Leeds Wellbeing Web from @leedswellweb and meet others who are willing to join up to make a difference….and there will be more shared events.

So joined up is good….and actually, with respect to social media guidance and codes of conduct, gate crashing someone else’s party didn’t turn out too bad….I will tell the boss one day.