47As a child I drew pictures of racing cars, houses, rockets, tanks, footballers and other sportsmen, typical boy stuff. I used to number them; my Thunderbirds and Ferraris never had single digits, they were mostly numbered 47. I wasn’t good at drawing curved numbers so I used a ruler to make the digits more realistic. A four and a seven sat well together and there had to be double figures as one wasn’t enough.

My highest Dales Council cricket league score was 47 and I’m quite proud of it, although gutted afterwards that I didn’t manage 50. I now live in a house numbered 47. Total coincidence, honest! I’m not that obsessed! No really.

At my last birthday I was 47. Birthdays always make me reflect and I was contented; 47 seemed to be an okay age and reminded me of the other 47s. Unlike the cricket score, three less than 50 was fine! So the number 47 is probably my lucky number.

If I ever move house, the chances of living at another 47 are remote to say the least. No really, really! There is a chance however that I will re don my cricket whites and knock up that half century, but more likely in my dreams and anyway it will be a hundred……and 47!

Tomorrow I won’t be 47 any more, and whilst all the 47s were nice together, I’m still happy with my lot, professionally and personally. I hope what that means to others is good too. The fact I made the choice to select 47 as my number on my childhood drawings perhaps sums me up nicely. I found a way round a weakness and produced something I was proud of.

Numbers play a part in what I do professionally and personally and so do my strengths and weaknesses, they make me who I am. So I’m always looking for facts and figures to pin things on and to share my strengths and improve my weaknesses.  In Douglas Adams ‘Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’ the meaning of life, the universe and everything was derived as the number 42!

I beg to differ.

47 + 1