Once upon a time we knew little about anything. As we grew up we were told stories explaining our culture, where we live and how we should be. Some included numbers and letters; Three Little Pigs, The Ugly Duckling, The Emperor’s New Clothes. 

We wanted them reading again and again even though we knew what happened in the end. We came to learn and understand simple values which would help us in later life and hopefully make us good people. 

We bonded with the people who told us the stories and came to trust them.

We learned because people we trusted explained things in a way we understood and involved us in the storytelling.

We went to school and learned to tell and write our own stories, improve our life skills and understand and appreciate different stories and interpretations.

Somewhere along the way numbers and letters became statistics and rhetoric. How we should be became behaviour change; stories became strategic narratives using language we don’t always understand or associate with as much as we did.

As a result people lose trust, are increasingly confused, frustrated and potentially isolated.

We need to reconnect.

We need to involve and engage people with ‘their’ story again.