The only time I can recall a guaranteed ‘more from less’ was a science experiment at school. Set fire to ammonium dichromate and watch the orange crystals triple in size as they turn into a green mass. It had no purpose other than leave a huge mess and waste 20 minutes of a science lesson. No doubt others remember that bit of science as it threw up something not quite believable. And then there’s a story I heard about bread and fish.

About three years ago I went to a conference where the promotional strap line included the term ‘doing more with less’. Now you know that feeling when you read or hear something and think – ‘not quite sure about that’

I was at a meeting recently and again the term was used; “we are in unprecedented times – we need to do more with less!”

I recently read a post by Paul Taylor which included a section ‘Language matters’. 

Language really does matter, especially when enthusing and encouraging others, who may themselves be fewer in numbers.

So let’s be realistic. Encourage people to do their best, but watch the language – people are increasingly seeing and experiencing what less with less is. Mention of ‘more with less’ can be like salt in the wound.

Language matters.