Were you aware that other than Shrove Tuesday and of course Pancake day, apparently 17th February, 2015 was Random acts of kindness day?  Nope? Me neither. It seems everyday these days is something or other day.

So when did this #world[insertthing]day start and might we be missing the point? Will I look for fewer impromptu opportunities to be kind on other days? Course I won’t.

Now I’m not talking about the proper stuff like Pancake Day or Yorkshire Day (1st Aug! – just in case) or days on the UN List of International Observances and I get that there are some things that need increased awareness so they might be improved or bad stuff reduced but kindness; really? Do we need reminding to be how we should be on any other day?

Long story short, (deliberate act of kindness!), after a mild rant on Twitter about #world[insertthing]days, I took me and the boys off to one of our favourite walks about 30 mins drive from home. We were walking by a river and saw two ripples in the water but oddly no ducks surfaced. As we walked on, a chap in front turned back towards us and pointed out a couple of otters. That’s a tick for the bucket list then. Random and kind, funny that.

We thanked him for pointing them out, watched them disappear down stream and walked on. We then heard and saw another one right beneath us. We watched for a while as it played and we passed on the favour to an old couple. It made their day too.

There’s probably a rule about not disclosing locations so I’ll respect that, save it to say that good things happen between the lavatories and the valley of desolation.

Some days stuff happens that we never expect or even plan for. Serendipity; there’s even a name for that too.

But, there’s a place for kindness everyday.