Not long now then til I hit 50. Time for that not a mid-life crisis but questioning my purpose more than any other time before, and thinking about what might come next” moment.

Looking after my wellbeing, will be important. I’ve coped with stress quite well so far and recognise the signs when I’m up against it but before things get silly. I’m also increasingly aware to look out for it in others as society seems more in your face and demanding than it used to be,.That seems to be the case for all ages.

Work concerns me more now than it ever has. Partly to do with my role, mostly austerity related but partly to do with my age as the R word is now on the horizon. Even though state retirement age seems to be moving further away, in some senses it’s now something to be considered in various decisions. That’s a new feeling!

The amount of change in the area I’m currently working in – health, wellbeing and social care is massive, confusing and keeps changing. I’m a very very insignificant player in this field but I know it needs simplifying – soon.

Colleagues at work are leaving on a weekly basis. I’m not yet seeing a representative reduction in workload and have concerns for the wellbeing of people currently picking up the extra. Hopefully June will see increased clarity.

Changes to the PR profession need to happen. Heads in sand isn’t an option anymore. I’ve always seen communications as a frontline service – meaning seeking and then meaning making. I’m aware communications tends to be the first thing questioned when push comes to shove and in times of great change there’s always the chance that baby is thrown out with the bath water. I hope not and that people see the value of communications. It’s my job to do that.

That said, change brings opportunity for new ways of doing things, I’m looking forward to that.

On the massively up side, I have good friends and a top family. I’ve worked, and still do, with some great people. I’m thankful for that, more than anything. I’ve ‘done and won’ stuff that I’m proud of and also probably of more value, done the ‘taking part’ thing too. I realised early on that people are my focus, at home and at work; in that order. That won’t change. That’s really where the #trulysocial thing came from.

I’m thankful for and don’t take my good health for granted. I’ve had scares; they made me who I am and taught me to look out for myself and others. I’ve noticed I’m increasingly adapting to what my body can manage rather than looking for that “there’s a marathon in these legs” challenge. There isn’t! I never wanted or needed to run a marathon. I admire those that do or have different ambitions and bucket lists but let’s just say cycling and swimming are more my exercise bag. This last year has brought that home to me as I started Park Run. Running isn’t as easy or enjoyable as I expected. I’m also more aware of those who can’t or have never been able to do what others can.

I would like to get back to a single figure golf handicap in the next couple of years but again, it’s the camaraderie that matters.

I’ve booked the week off before my birthday. I’m going to let it come slowly, drink coffee and beer and reflect a bit more and then share different parts of my birthday with friends, family and colleagues. I’ll be using #trulysocial50 to record it.

50 is a good score but I’m not ready to walk to the pavilion yet.