I’ve recently been nominated for a lifetime achievement award for services to communications. Reading the kind words someone had taken time to craft into a 100 word summary, in effect covering my working life so far, was quite moving but also a bit unnerving.

So firstly, thanks Kate for nominating me. I’m honoured to be in the company of other nominees and previous winners. They do some great things.

There followed a fair bit of congratulatory banter and support on social media and in person for which I’m really grateful, somewhat embarrassed by and which posed me a dilemma which has pretty much been my Achilles heel since my teenage years.

As the nomination stated I’ve mostly always put others first and not been great at blowing my own trumpet – “humble about the difference he makes” I think the exact words were.

Time for a bit of an admission then – I’m in comms and never been big on shouting or self publicity – My name’s Phil and I’m actually really rather shy.  No really!

30 years in, I’ve learned to deal with it and probably been half decent at covering it. I’ve always found it much easier promoting the work others do, helping them do great things and get recognised and actually that’s how it should be, not about me. I guess that’s the gist of the nomination and fair play – tables turned, you got me.

My dilemma was to find a fitting way to blow that trumpet, respect others nominated and make an effort to persuade people to vote for me to honour the kind intent with which the nomination was made. I hope I did that and thanks to all for voting for me and for people in the other categories. It looks like a lot of votes were cast.

So I look forward to attending the Unawards event in Birmingham on 1st December and meeting all those who have shared the work they do. We may not all be winners but we should be proud of what we have done.

And for the record….. working life definitely isn’t over just yet.