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Keep calm and conference on

It’s 3am on a Friday morning. I’m restless and can’t sleep. There’s stuff going round in my head that needs to be noted so I don’t forget it. I get up, make some tea and sit down to start writing. I then see the cup I inadvertently used. It all comes together.

Three of the preceding four working days have been taken up attending my organisation’s leadership conference and then two days of LGCommsAcad – our public sector communications conference, fortunately for me, both in Leeds.

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The wrong sort of sand

Ok don't LOL. A skinny me and my survey truck. This electronic theodolite was one of the first GPS products in the world. Back then we had to wait ages to get enough satellite passes.

When I was a child, me and my sister had a sand pit at the top of the garden. My dad made it as he was handy that way. It was sunken, lined with plastic and edged with railway sleepers.  My sister didn’t really play in it so I assumed responsibility and claimed it as my territory. I loved it. My favourite toys were diggers and trucks. My pride and joy was an 18 wheeler HGV. It had sliding doors and the cab uncoupled from the trailer. Put them in the sand pit and that was me sorted.

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