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Bubble baggage

“I just said ‘bubble baggage’ out loud didn’t I?”

“Yes, but I know what you meant; can I have it?”

“Feel free –that’s what I do”

That happened in a meeting recently. Fortunately, in the context of the discussion, it was understood as it appropriately explained things however you may still be none the wiser, so let me explain.

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Just be there

One day you’re there and the next you might not be. Or someone you love might not be. Or someone you really should have made an effort to get in touch with might not be.

There will be no more chances to talk.

My family lost a close relative this week, suddenly with no warning; gone.  And it really hurts, and will for some time.

It’s been a bad year on that front. But this is not a sympathy post, just a wish that you will move stuff up your ‘people’ to do list. Don’t put off seeing people, don’t get tetchy with family this xmas, appreciate people for who they are.

Find reasons why you should.

Do it.


I’ve probably only ever read 15 books in my life including those that I was made to read at school; Lord of the Flies; The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. All a bit bonkers as I recall and so not relevant to me at that time in my life. Continue reading “Relevance”

A good knock

The 27th May 2012 marked the 25th anniversary of the day I joined Leeds City Council. I thought the occasion merited a few anecdotes. Back in ‘87 there was no big signing on fee, no press photo call holding up my shirt with my name on it with. I just turned up with my packed lunch and certificates at the Department of Industry and Estates (to become Leeds Development Agency, then Development Department, then Planning & Development Department, now City Development Directorate, etc etc).

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Time to think

“The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think”Edwin Schlossberg.


I use lists because that’s how I seem to work best. I like crossing stuff off which means things on the list are getting done. I think I have a good memory however when I’m a bit stressed my list management becomes less effective. The signal this is happening is when I recall something needs doing but can’t remember what it is and so it won’t be on the list.

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