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Judging books by covers – #blimage


I’ve struggled to get back into the swing of things since my summer break. Returning to work has been tough which isn’t normal for me and somewhat concerning. I respect not everyone gets a holiday and I’m lucky to have a good job. This post is partly me giving myself a good talking to, to snap out of it.

I think a lot of folk, in the public sector especially, are going through big changes and waiting for clarity following May elections which is perhaps unnerving. Others are interpreting changes and what it all means and comparing thoughts. Continue reading “Judging books by covers – #blimage”


Meaning of us


I’ve been thinking a fair bit about what my role is in the big scheme of things, in and around the increasing network of networks I move between or in which there may be an expectation I should be part of. Also what value I bring, and who for. And it seems from recent chats, over coffee or online, I’m not alone in this. More people seem to be questioning the purpose of various aspects of what they are doing and how they are expected to do things differently, move to a next stage or in what is happening around them. It may be changes at work, adapting to new phases of family life, even down to things like changing seasons, or not as it seems these days.

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Ambition for better

IMG_20120906_223430Online, as with offline, to get people to really hear your voice and message, you need to be effective in both word and deed. Just being nice or popular doesn’t mean you are going to be effective or influential or make people take notice of what you have to say. To really make things happen you need to have the respect of and respect for others and be trusted to conduct your self in an appropriate manner, even when debate is fierce.

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I’ve struggled to write this last post of 2012. I’m never lost or short for words, but this time I have been. The title sums it up; why use 10 words when one will do?

2012 was always going to be a great year, lots to look forward to and celebrate as a family, which we thankfully did. Big projects at work would also be delivered and they were. The good things were great; significant birthdays, anniversaries, exam successes, Olympics and Paralympics, Ryder Cup etc. It was actually the best of years in that respect. I so wanted to end the year reminiscing about the good times, however this year has seen sad times too, including this Christmas when we lost a loved one, meaning this is not the post I wanted to write but one I needed to. Continue reading “Less”

Who are you?

I recently conducted a very quick straw poll with five people who I look up to in the #localgov scene. I asked them about use of twitter names in work email signatures. All five responded within an hour. Top people, I chose well, many thanks to them.
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A good knock

The 27th May 2012 marked the 25th anniversary of the day I joined Leeds City Council. I thought the occasion merited a few anecdotes. Back in ‘87 there was no big signing on fee, no press photo call holding up my shirt with my name on it with. I just turned up with my packed lunch and certificates at the Department of Industry and Estates (to become Leeds Development Agency, then Development Department, then Planning & Development Department, now City Development Directorate, etc etc).

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Once upon a time…my introduction to scrum Agile

……….so if you recall, I was in the initial project planning meeting for my organisation’s website and intranet replacements. I’d just met a ‘Scrum Master’and had the Agile methodology speed dating equivalent and been tasked with cascading it to the world and his dog.

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