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A different faith

yemenOne of the films that made me think the most was Salmon fishing in the Yemen. I’d not heard others rave about it and it didn’t catch my eye when it was a trailer. Fishing is not my thing either so I don’t know what sttracted me to it.

Times are getting tougher for most folk. Messages about even harder times for public services are becoming more blunt in tone. The reality of less folk to do what is needed are increasingly being felt, meaning some things will have to change and some things will stop.

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Last month I received a clock and a lapel badge in recognition of 25 years local government service. I’ll fess up; I was just a bit proud as I was called to receive them at our staff achievement awards. And yes, it was a clock, only a small one but quite heavy, which is my standard measure of quality, mostly used when assessing cakes and puddings! Continue reading “Journeyman”

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