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Stuff I know nothing about


When I look for inspiration in how to start a blog post it’s amazing how many times I come back to one of the sayings my family have used over the years. I imagine that’s not untypical.
So, a classic from my mum this time…….. “it’s not what you know, but who you know.”

Now it doesn’t take Einstein to work out this must be about knowledge and knowing the people who can ‘tap it’ in the right place.

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Involve me in my story


Once upon a time we knew little about anything. As we grew up we were told stories explaining our culture, where we live and how we should be. Some included numbers and letters; Three Little Pigs, The Ugly Duckling, The Emperor’s New Clothes. 

We wanted them reading again and again even though we knew what happened in the end. We came to learn and understand simple values which would help us in later life and hopefully make us good people. 

We bonded with the people who told us the stories and came to trust them.

We learned because people we trusted explained things in a way we understood and involved us in the storytelling.

We went to school and learned to tell and write our own stories, improve our life skills and understand and appreciate different stories and interpretations.

Somewhere along the way numbers and letters became statistics and rhetoric. How we should be became behaviour change; stories became strategic narratives using language we don’t always understand or associate with as much as we did.

As a result people lose trust, are increasingly confused, frustrated and potentially isolated.

We need to reconnect.

We need to involve and engage people with ‘their’ story again.

A land down under

2013-08-08 18.16.50

Somewhat odd that it takes travelling half way round the world to learn more about your home and yourself but sometimes doing stuff out of the ordinary makes you see and appreciate the obvious.

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The naked public servant


I don’t consider myself a complicated person so I usually keep things simple. When things intrigue me I will investigate or ask that awkward, question; “so what?”  I break things down into their basic form to try and understand them, mostly so I can explain to others; be it as a parent, or through my work. If I have to look too far to find a meaning or if I’m given a load of twaddle then I’ll soon switch off. That’s probably the same for most people.

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Once upon a time…my introduction to scrum Agile

……….so if you recall, I was in the initial project planning meeting for my organisation’s website and intranet replacements. I’d just met a ‘Scrum Master’and had the Agile methodology speed dating equivalent and been tasked with cascading it to the world and his dog.

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A proper scrum and Agile too

When I was 11, my Fir Tree Middle School report for ‘games’ (as we called it in those days) read “Philip is a well balanced athlete and a very agile cross country runner”. I’ve never forgotten that statement; not so much for what it said, but for what it didn’t say. It could have read “Philip demonstrates absolutely no interest in rugby and actually is a bit of a wimp when it comes to sports of a physical nature”.

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More than a mission statement

Not so long ago I ordered something online from a major catalogue shop. It was big and needed to be delivered. Fine, I thought, saves my back or scratching my car.

Selecting the item, I proceeded to the virtual check out, chose the day I would be home and my preferred delivery time between 7 and 11am; clicked and bought. Sorted!

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Hitting the spot


My grandma told a tale about the time she called a repair man to fix the heating. This was many years ago before you could book anything online and when gas was cheap.

The repair man turned up and my gran showed him the boiler. He looked it over and checked all the knobs and pipes.

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