I started writing and sharing my thoughts for a few reasons. Firstly, to find out what blogging was about for work and personally. Secondly to see if I had the will to regularly post useful and interesting content.

Also and most importantly to work out what I don’t yet understand about what I do and about where and how I live. My blog is that place where professional and private identities overlap; an exploration of opportunities and consequences of living in that space between work and home.

Have I really found out what it’s about?

I continue to learn from others each day. It seems people write, follow and read blogs for many different reasons. Oddly, I’ve never really taken to reading books but I got into the habit of reading blogs. I like short texts and having the opportunity to respond, by liking or commenting. It was this new style of reading that led me to start writing.

Am I doing it right?

Sometimes when I read my posts back, there’s logic I didn’t see before I put the words together. That’s my learning. I hope what I write is of interest to others too. The responses, likes and stats suggest so and are always appreciated and help in my understanding of whatever I’m posting about or trying to work out.

My life is made up of all sorts – family, friends, voluntary work, normal work, golf, gym, gardening, cinema and holidays. They all get a part of me and get shared.

Blogging should never make you stressed, or feel guilty for not posting. I credit this to Sally Whittle (@swhittle) who has a great blog. Her post “the one where I can’t be faffed” says it better than I can. To me, blogging is also about reading and signposting to others whose thoughts and words are worth reading.

Useful and interesting?

I only post if I feel content maybe useful. Some of my posts challenge my thinking. Hopefully, they may widen discussion and return different opinions I can learn from.

So why do you blog? I’d be interested to find out.